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Happy Birthday! 

Hearth & Home

...a cottage in the woods with a workshop!

Ebony & Ivory, Livey 'n Harmony! 

Ebony, Ivory & Livey
...together 'n Harmony!

Great Times!  Great Friends! (6/14/2016) 

Friends & Family

...Friends, Family, Fun, Food & Fellowship

Paul Yesteryear 

Photographs & Memories
...remember when?

The Camping Season Is Here! 

Here & There
...along the way

Rainbow Halo Around The Sun! 

This & That
...and some other stuff

Pete's Pond

Tourin' & Travelin'
...trails, tales, and tails!


Zippin' & Zoomin'
...in a fire red Z3...top down...having a blast!


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